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Consolidated Shipping LCC is a licensed Freight and Forwarding company registered in USA. It  is being birthed from about 10 years of active Shipping handling, Freight and Forwarding.  as our name suggests we bring together (separate parts) into a single and  unified whole;  Consolidated Shipping is the company that brings in the little extra that makes all the difference in your shipping handling , Freight and Forwarding.

Best integrated logistic networks
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CSS LLC founder and owner

Prince Super

We have leveraged on our experience and professionalism to build a professionally run shipping and Freight Forwarding company with high-end service delivery and responsible community development portfolio.
We are focused on our growth potential, carefully studying emerging businesses in our sector . In all, we are poised to become a leading light in the industry as we steadily pursue our goals.
We have Honesty, Integrity and professionalism at its very best.

Prince Tayo Ogunfowokan, CEO.


Why Choose CSS LLC?

01Trackable cargo packages.

From the moment your order is placed, a tracking number is assigned and with this your package is right within your reach.

02Impeccable service.

We have the most loyal hands-on employees that deal with the correct labeling and care of your package, cargo or freights.

03Prompt customer problem resolution.

Customer service is available to gladly take up your requests, enquiries or complaints.

04Prompt delivery (time frame inclusive).

Once your package, freight or shipment is set out for delivery, a time frame alongside your tracking number will be provided. So, you’d know how long it will take your packages to get to you.

Need to ship a package? Whether domestic or international? We’ve got you!

We can get your goods shipped swiftly with our impeccable service. Entrust us with your service and let’s deliver.

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