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We have leveraged on our experience and professionalism to build a professionally run shipping and Freight and Forwarding company with high-end service delivery and responsible community development portfolio.
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We provide trusted and dependable services in ocean and air shipping services.

Air Freight

If you need to transport your freight quickly, then the best way to transport it is by air. Special freight planes will be able to transport your freight to almost any large city in the world. Air cargo services from America and North America to all countries are available.

Land Freight

It is a standard transport method for small or medium-sized goods that are to be carried within one country. Freight is usually transported in large trucks, and they are driven by a professional driver to its location. It is a convenient and quick way to transport freight.

Sea Freight

Sea freight transportation is an economical option for businesses that want to transport their goods overseas. Sea freight can accommodate all shapes, sizes, of container, RORO ,Machinery, Heavy duty equipment and Barrel / Household items weights of freight

Shipping Agency

Consolidated Shipping LLC is your trustful and energetic agent “Owner’s agents” & “Charterer’s agents” dry bulk cargo ships, general-purpose ships, liners (container, break-bulk and Ro-Ro), we will transport your cargo from your front door to your port of destination.

Warehouse / Loading

In addition to our shipping capabilities CSS LLC offers a loading dock that serves as an entrance or exit point for goods that are being loaded or unloaded from containers. It is one of the most important areas of the warehouse to keep up and running as it manages the inflow and outflow of goods.

Personal Effects

Need how to get your household and personal goods shipped at your convenience? CSS LLC has got you covered as we can help ship your personal effects to or from overseas. If you are looking to send appliances, clothing, books, household goods, baggage and more, you can have it sent via our freights

Inland Transportation

CSS LLC ensures the timely, accurate and utmost secure movement of your cargo anywhere within the country with its quick inland transport service. Getting your shipment from point A to B is not always enough and definitely not the final destination of the cargo. No matter what your need is, we can help get you the best rate.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance is an excellent way to protect your products while in-transit over the ocean. Shippers who use ocean freight should always explore this. We provide Marine Cargo Insurance put in place to cover your goods for any loss or damage while in-transit on the ocean.

Need to ship a package? Whether domestic or international? We’ve got you!

We can get your goods shipped swiftly with our impeccable service. Entrust us with your service and let’s deliver.

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